Ultra-low-carbon protein ingredients

Welcome to Fermtech

My name is Andy, I’m a biologist, and the founder of Fermtech. Our passion is to use the power of biology to help solve the climate crisis.

More and more people are choosing non-animal foods because of the impact of animal farming on the environment, the climate, and the animals. We produce nutritious, sustainable, and low-carbon protein for foods to meet that need.

How does it work?

We use a natural process, using microorganisms used in fermentation since ancient times, to grow protein on grains left over from from brewing.

This produces a nutritious, non-GMO, great-tasting protein product that is perfect for use in plant-based foods, like baking, snacks, and plant-based meats.




Our first product is called Nutriferm. As well as providing protein, it also has taste-enhancing functions that allow you to use fewer ingredients, so you can save money, reduce carbon footprint, and improve nutritional and health benefits.

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Our vision – by 2030

Save 1m tons of CO2 GHG equivalents.

By producing protein for >25,000 tons of animal-free products.

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