Step into the world of alternative proteins with us.

We are not just solving culinary challenges, but also paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable future.

Meet our team

Arun Maheswari

Fermentation Scientist

Arun is an expert on Solid-State Fermentation, he designs and runs our unique fermentation processes.

Shahneawz Khan

Head of R&D

Shahneawz is our senior scientist, he coordinates our R&D and product development.

Andy Clayton


Our Founder, Andy, is a biologist and experienced entrepreneur who leads the company day to day.

Paul Kollesoff

Chief Commercial Advisor

Paul is an experienced food industry leader, Former MD of Perfect Day & VP of Product at Glanbia. He makes deals with customers and partners.

Dave Burgin

Protein Scientist

Dave is an expert protein chemist who designs and runs our protein extractions.

Keith Coleman


Keith is an experienced business leader who makes sure that the best interests of the company are served and that we're operating correctly.

Professor Frank Vriesekoop

Chief Technical Advisor

Frank is one of the UK's leading food and fermentation experts. He guides the direction of our R&D and innovation.

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